Comments on: “Scientists Last Supper”

– Tom Uytterhoeven –

This photo has been around for a few years (at least from 2010), but I only discovered it recently.

Last Supper with ScientistsThree remarks: (1) Obviously, this comes from a conflict perspective on the relation between science and religion/theology (see e.g.:, which is unfortunate. Is this why the artist left out someone as Georges Lemaître?
(2) Maybe because it wants to show science as replacing religion/theology, the picture draws comments that suggest there are some problems regarding the ‘canon of science’ (see e.g. Someone like Mary Midgley would probably see the irony in that.
(3) The creator of the picture states that: ” Each of the people in this picture has accomplished more for humanity then any of the guys in that other painting.” As far as our knowledge about the world goes, I agree. But as far as using that knowledge for the benefit of humanity, and for the benefit of our planet? I think that’s precisely when we would need to turn back to the original painting, or maybe – because our world is more pluralistic than Da Vinci’s – paint a third “Last Supper”. The version of Spanish artist José Manuel Ballester might inspire us for that one.

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