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Thanks to cultural evolution, male Savannah sparrows are changing their tune, partly to attract “the ladies.” According to a study of more than 30 years of Savannah sparrows recordings, the birds are singing distinctly different songs today than…

Tom Uytterhoeven’s insight:

When we see changes in bird songs, we accept the idea of cultural evolution as a explanation. If we try to explain changes in fashion, the design of computers, or the number of children an average family in an industrialised country has, we posit free will as an explanation. While I do value the cognitive abilities of (most) humans higher than those of (most) birds, I also think we need to look closer at the impact of evolution on those features deemed typically or even exclusively human, like free will, high-degree consciousness, … Can we develop a non-reductive evolutionary perspective on human anthropology? That, to me, is the challenge of science-theology debates…

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