David Attenborough: most of the world’s population are out of touch with the natural world – Telegraph

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The veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has said he believes most people don’t come into contact with wildlife.

Tom Uytterhoeven’s insight:

Maybe this is indeed one of the main challenge human culture(s) face today. While culture once enabled us to survive within our natural environment, it now seems to cut us off from this environment.

One of the most important authors I study for my doctoral project is Philip Hefner, and his book “The Human Factor”: http://www.amazon.com/Human-Factor-The-Theology-Sciences/dp/080062579X He discusses the same concern as Sir Attenborough, and offers a theological perspective on it. One of the elements of his work that might appeal to a secular society is the important role myth and metaphor can play, in a non-naive way, in helping us discern what really is at stake. It makes a difference when you look at your environment as your village, with wildlife as your neighbours, or when you look at your environment as your home, with wildlife as intruders, for instance. Maybe not such a good example, but I trust you get the idea… 😉

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