“Different Worldviews”, or: What is my research about?

“What's your research about?”, friends ask me occasionally – only to get a confused look in their eyes after I start using words like “evolution”, “culture”, and “religion” in the same sentence. I could of course refer them to the online project description (yes, there's a goofy picture of me…). But as pictures say more than words, I think this is a better way to make clear what I'm trying to do through my research. How does science influence our worldview? How does science influence our values? Can a constructive relation between the sciences and religion(s) improve the way we look at the world, the way we act in and to the world? I'm only working on one piece of this gigantic theological/philosophical puzzle, namely the influence evolutionary theories of culture can have on theological concepts, but for me this image (found on Facebook, b.t.w.) is the big picture (pun intended)!


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