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Evolution and Inequality Huffington Post What we’re observing is an evolved nature that’s poorly adapted to the modern world, because technology, urbanization, and even agriculture are relatively modern developments, and genetic evolution can’t…

Tom Uytterhoeven’s insight:

This is an interesting piece for two reasons.

(1) It gives a good example of the explanatory power of science and of the possible links between our evolutionary past and our current state. I have no problem with that.

(2) It suggests that science can solve all our problems. We should turn to science to cure all our illnesses, to save ourselves. I wonder about that. Can science do this? Can science generate all knowledge necessary to do so? Can we really put aside philosophy, poetry, art, etc. (not to mention religion) as superficial human endeavours, contributing nothing to our world view, let alone to our well being? I’m not sure about that… I’m not sure our evolutionary history would have been possible without a symbolic view on the world, a symbolic view that in turn enabled us to create a symbolic world. And I’m not sure it’s right to suddenly disregard that symbolic world…

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