Culture is “the rational done in an irrational way”, “a golden cage” we have to escape from to find our freedom again… This video gives some food for thought!

GOLEM from GOLEM on Vimeo.

I don't agree with the general message though. I think culture is the only way we have to (re)connect with our sources and to (co)create the future. But one remark does raise an important issue: can culture (i.e. myth, metaphor, narrative…) fulfil its role when it becomes transparent, when we get to see “what's under the hood”? From a theological perspective: is 'second naïveté' really possible? I think that's a huge challenge for theology, not for the sake of religion – in my case: Christianity – in itself, as in: ensuring its survival as a tradition, but for the sake of what religion could offer the world: a pathway to a better future than our past ever was.


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