Myth-busting in Science and Religion

Popular opinion has it that science and religion are in conflict, as they always have been and as they always will be. That is of course false, as historical research as shown: see for example this and this article (JSTOR-links, create a free account to acces the articles online – yes, for free!), or this and this book (with a review of the latter here). Or just watch this video.

This short video shows one example of 'myth-busting' in the science-religion field. I first saw it on Twitter, thanks to @thetestoffaith.

1 thought on “Myth-busting in Science and Religion”

  1. I can’t believe that “myth” is still in textbooks. J. B. Russell, “Inventing the Flat Earth” did indeed find a total of two(!) people in history who defended flatness, but everyone else ignored them. A slightly more common misconception in early medieval times was that one could not reach the antipodes, not because one would “fall off,” but because the equatorial zone was too hot to cross.

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